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In addition to the core delivery of ÆKOS, Eco-informatics is building a number of other products, tools and services:

A national information framework (including standards) for managing ecological data by defining an ontological model, an index model, an upper context model, and a description model.
A long term collaborative network of key data partners from government agencies and research organisations for sharing and delivering Australia’s rich ecological plot data.
The Submission, Harmonisation and Retrieval of Ecological Data (SHaRED) tool to provide researcher data submission utilising the ÆKOS information framework to meet the needs of researchers like those participating in TERN’s Multi-Scale Plot Network.
The Soils-to-Satellites data integration, analysis, and visualisation tool being built with other National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy capabilities including the Atlas of Living Australia combining spatial, multi-spectral, ecological plot and genomics data.
Metadata for Australia’s ecological plot data in the national standard RIF-CS format uploaded to the Australian National Data Service, and also made accessible via TERN’s Central Data Discovery Portal.
Collaboration capabilities through attribution, citation and acknowledgement of all researchers publishing data in ÆKOS using Document Object Identifiers from DataCite.
An online library of all the ecological data collection methods used for data stored in ÆKOS.
Access to IP through open source publication of software and models.
Practical application of the TERN Data Licensing Policy to support and encourage Open Access.