AEKOS Data Stories - Jonni Walker

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Stunning visuals of Tassie platypus sightings from AEKOS" - Jonni Walker

“AEKOS has excellent data for publishing visual data stories on Aussie plants and animals.”

'I couldn’t resist the platypus dashboard – all the ingredients were there for a good story,' says Jonni.

Data portals give open access to a deluge of data but unless you are a specialist data scientist, it’s very complicated and confusing for most of us to use and interpret. The amazing thing though is when data are analyzed accurately and shown with stunning graphics and videos, it can tell an engaging story. Tableau self-service analytics software enables us to make data talk to all.

“I couldn’t resist the platypus dashboard – all the ingredients were there for a good story. There was easy access to excellent data, a prehistoric animal with some seriously weird biology and excellent visuals and videos – the perfect storm.”

Jonni collected background information and data on the platypus, analysed the data, synthesized the information and stitched it together to produce the dashboard about the platypus using Tableau in The Data Blog.

Open data has ‘kick started’ a data deluge and has also created great opportunities for new visuals to tell stories. When done accurately, these visuals can enhance our decisions. Other stories about TERN AEKOS’s platypus’s data are in TERN e-News and Tasmanian Geographic.

Jonni, a US Business Intelligence Analyst (Twitter, Email), is passionate about producing high quality data analytics to communicate amazing data stories. He’s a Featured Tableau Author and also authors The Data Blog and Data Darer.