Our Mission

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AEKOS aims to deliver open data publishing and access services for ecosystem professionals through open, trusted and user-oriented data infrastructure

Our Mission

Deliver an open national data service on site level biodiversity and their immediate environments to give greater capacity to ecosystem professionals (National open infrastructure)

Receive certification as a trusted data repository using international best practice for user-oriented database management, information sharing and data reuse by the "Data Seal of Approval" managed by the International Council for Science Union’s World Data Systems (Trusted Infrastructure)

Provide tools and services that are compliant with the international FAIR (findability, accessibility, interoperability and reuse) principles, World Data Systems principles, Research Data Alliance and Committee of Publication Ethics recommendations for open publishing and offer worldwide open data licensing with attribution (User-oriented Data Management)

Earn the reputation from AEKOS data users for publishing nationally important data, offering intelligible metadata for reuse and providing reliable outreach (High Value National Data Infrastructure)