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Transparent publishing with DOIs for citation.


TERN’s solution for self-service data upload with articles is SHaRED. It is an easy tool to publish your small, one-off standalone datasets produced for science projects, and share them via TERN’s ecology data online access portal - AEKOS. Universities, academies, research infrastructure facilities, Commonwealth and State Governments, the land management industry, and individual researchers commonly use SHaRED to give open access to research datasets linked to journal articles as the publishing steps are very similar to article publication. Many others (including government agencies) use SHaRED for archiving datasets to safely preserve them so others can reuse them for new research, to inform management and government reporting.

The integrated data management service is TERN’s solution for publishing large, complex data volumes produced by government, industry and to a lesser degree university monitoring programs. Eco-informatics partners with data custodians to arrange satisfactory publication of the data collections. The data custodians are the organisation, or agency which is responsible for the collection, use and disclosure of information.