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AEKOS is your gateway to TERN's ecology data. Eco-informatics has diligently mapped knowledge about ecological attributes from different data collections to integrate these big data. Providing superior data descriptions, attention to consistency in data formats and measurement units means Eco-informatics has conquered data interoperability for ecology data. With AEKOS, you can now access Australia-wide ecological data faster, consistently and easier than ever before. Eco-informatics also offers customisable endpoint (API) services for various metadata formats and data harvesting. Metadata harvesting services are provide to DataOneSearch and ANDS’s Research Data Australia.

Eco-informatics offers transparent, translatable and trusted data services for 'site plot'-based ecology data to help answer the deepest and most challenging environmental research and management questions today and tomorrow.

AEKOS infrastructure offers pre-publication dataset submission for ‘peer review’ and publishing to an open repository with unique DOIs and permanent URLs and is an 'official recommended repository' by Nature's Scientific Data. It provides access to plot data at the site level with full knowledge about how to use it accurately, and data usage tracking in the Data Citation Index. Datasets stored in AEKOS will be tracked by the DCI to provide data authors with a citation count and the means to track research outputs that flow from their data being used by other researchers.